Building a Tarot Business: Build a Website

Before you do anything else for your tarot business, start a website and decide what kind of reader you want to be. Watch my latest video in a series all about how I build my tarot business.

Decisions to Make

There are so many decisions to make before you can start building your tarot practice. The first thing I had to decide was how I was going to get myself out there. After moving from NY to St Louis, my entire way of working changed along with my environment. I decided not to promote myself by word of mouth and doing local events. Instead, I made the decision to put myself out there as a virtual tarot reader.

What Type of Reader Do You Want To Be?

Here’s another thing you need to decide. What type of reader do you want to be? Entertainer, fortune teller, a consulting the cards for advice type of reader, or, my favorite, spiritual life coach type reader. From there, you can focus on writing up your offers for whatever platform you decide to sell your readings on.

You can check out some posts I did on this very topic to help you decide what kind of reader you want to be. What Kind of Tarot Reader Do You Want To Be? and Why I Don’t Like to Predict the Future

How To Deliver Your Readings

Next to decide is how you want to deliver your readings. Tarot parties take a lot of energy, and my reading style has evolved since I practiced in NY. I don’t want to do any more entertainment or predictive style readings. I decided I would do readings online. One-on-one zoom readings for people I already knew and recorded audio, video, and email readings through my Etsy shop. You could also consider phone call readings if you don’t want to do video calls.

The Website

What I focused on right away was getting my Etsy shop up. That was a lot of work and more time consuming than you may think. We’ll talk about the Etsy shop in another post. 

Next, I also had to get my tarot business website out of hibernation. My tarot website was created in 2008 and I hadn’t updated it in years. Next, I gave it a much-needed facelift, as in updated WordPress theme. Also very important, I got an SEO plugin, Yoast. This is very important to do as soon as you can. SEO will help you come up in searches on the internet. There’re also some great courses on Udemy for updating your webpage for SEO. Finally, if you have a blog, post regularly. Write posts that you know will be of interest to the people you want as customers. I didn’t do that right away and it is one of my big ’lessons learned’.

If you don’t want to do a complicated website, I get it. Some of you may not need one. Depends on if this is just for some extra money, or just for fun. My advice is, if you are serious and want to have a full-time tarot practice, start a website now. People lose their accounts on social media all the time and once you do, that’s it. All your followers are gone. To make sure you don’t lose your valuable followers, the best way to get people is to have them follow your website.


1. Define what type of reader you want to be. 

2. How do you want to deliver your readings? Live? Recorded? Email?

3. Get your website going and Etsy shop going. Make it SEO compliant

ANY QUESTIONS? I will answer any questions and cover any topics you like about how I built my tarot practice. Just email me at amy@hudsonvalleytarot.com or just comment here or on the YouTube video!

Great Resources

WordPress.com I’ve only been with WP since 2008 😉 but I can’t comment on any other platforms.

Here’s the SEO Course I took. It’s got a bonus section on how to build a website in 30 minutes. Udemy

The plugin I use for SEO Optimization Yoast

Fear not! There will be a stand-alone episode on building your Etsy shop as well as building an email list coming soon!

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