Spring Growth Tarot Spread

Spring Growth Tarot Spread

This tarot spread will help you find who is inside you wanting to come out! If you need to figure out who you are and want you need to find inside you in order to succeed, this is the spread for you!

The Buried Seed – What holds you back. What you need to get rid of in order to create space in your life. Could be acts or attitudes.

The Breakthrough – Wake the dormant seed. What you must  wake up inside yourself that has been sleeping. This is something you need in order to grow.

Nurturing Growth – What you need more of in order to grow. How you can deepen your roots.

Blooming – Time to come out of hibernation. Live more consciously. How to let your inner beauty shine forth.

Your Environment – What is growing around you and how can it inspire you?

The Vase – How can I give something back?

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