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Discovering Life Purpose with Tarot: A Journey, Not a Destination

There are all kinds of tarot readers out there and many of them specialize in certain kinds of reading. Personally, I take great joy in conducting readings that assist people in discovering life purpose and staying on course with it. It’s Not a Buried Treasure Understand that discovering life purpose doesn’t equate to unearthing a…

5 Tips for Shuffling Tarot Cards For Reversals

I’ve been asked a lot lately about how to shuffle tarot cards and incorporate reversed tarot cards into your deck. Many people are concerned if they have too little or too many and how to manage this when shuffling tarot cards. Here are some questions you may have about shuffling a tarot deck when you…

Building a Tarot Business: Build a Website

Before you do anything else for your tarot business, start a website and decide what kind of reader you want to be. Watch my latest video in a series all about how I build my tarot business. Decisions to Make There are so many decisions to make before you can start building your tarot practice. The…

Building a Tarot Business, Finding a Mentor

I have been working over the past year to build my tarot business on line. On my YouTube channel I am posting videos sharing what I’ve done and what I’ve learned while building my tarot business on line. This episode is all about the value of having a mentor when starting your business. I hope to…


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