Russian Pathways Tarot Spread

The Russian Pathways Tarot Spread

Russian Pathways Tarot Spread

As taught to Mama JuJu by The Great Dellie BabaYaga. The Russian Pathways tarot spread is about the choices you’re making and whether you are on the path to achieving your goals. When using this tarot spread, always assume that the querant’s goal is peace, love, happiness and joy. The Russian Pathway Spread is read like a story with each row representing a chapter.

Row 1 – The first card represents you at this moment. The 3rd card is a pulse point because it divides the introduction of your story between the first 2 cards from the last 2 cards in that row. The first 2 cards introduce the characters in your story and what’s going on. The 3rd card represents the conflict and everything that cards 4 & 5 tell us are directly related to the conflict.

Row 2 – Where we find out more information about the characters, conflict and a hint to the resolution. We find out about the people involved in the struggle of the first row. It brings all the mystery from row one into clearer focus.

Row 3 – This is the most critical line. It gives us the actual question. This is where we look back to rows 1 & 2 and get to the real bones of the matter. This row deepens the meaning of all the previous cards that have been laid.

Rows 4 & 5 This is the final triad and gets read as your answer. The 5th row becomes the last page of the story.

But this is not the end of the story…..

Now we read the left side – the 5th card back to you (the 1st card of row 1). This is where we discover the obstacles blocking you from your goal which ultimately goes back to you.  You are your own obstacle. and the cards along this side will show you how you are standing in your own way.

Now we move on to the right side which shows you the path to your goal. This of course should always be peace, love, happiness and joy.

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