Bathtub Tarot Spread

Looking for a unique and creative way to gain insight and advice for tasks ahead of you? Look no further than the Bathtub Tarot Spread! 

Originally shared on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, this Bathtub Tarot Spread by Nita Van Zandt is perfect for those seeking guidance on their next steps. With its innovative layout and intuitive interpretation, you’ll be able to explore your situation in depth and gain valuable insights.

Bathtub Tarot Spread

Nita Van Zandt’s Bathtub Tarot Spread is an innovative and practical technique to acquire insight into a subject or project you are working on. It employs the bathtub metaphor and its components to assist you in identifying potential challenges, resources, and outcomes.

  1. First, the tub depicts the task or project’s surroundings. This could refer to either the actual area or the larger context in which the work is being performed.
  1. Second, the hot water represents any potential stressors or concerns that may develop during the endeavor. Identifying issues ahead of time will allow you to better prepare for and manage them.
  1.  Third, the chilly water signifies elements that may obstruct or create barriers. This could be due to a lack of resources or an unanticipated setback.
  1. Fourth, the soap indicates the steps you must follow to complete the task or endeavor. This could contain particular chores or techniques to assist you in reaching your objective. 
  1. Fifth, the rubber ducky represents what will be joyful or fun about the activity or undertaking. This could serve as a source of motivation or serve as a reminder of why you are tackling the job in the first place. 
  1. Sixth, the drain signifies what you need to get rid of or let go of in order to proceed with the endeavor. Old habits, negative self-talk, and detrimental thought patterns are examples of this. 
  1. Finally, the towel indicates how you will feel after completing the work or assignment. This could include feelings of accomplishment, relief, or fulfillment.

The Bathtub Spread is a useful tool for gaining insight and perspective on a task or project. By identifying potential obstacles and resources, you can better prepare yourself for success. Additionally, the metaphorical language and creative approach can make the process of planning and problem-solving more engaging and enjoyable.

Try it out today and discover new ways to connect with the tarot!

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