Golden Dawn Tarot Spread

Unlock the mysteries of your situation and uncover your destiny with the Golden Dawn Tarot Spread – a powerful and in-depth tarot spread that’s perfect for gaining insight and guidance. 

With its unique layout and intuitive interpretation, this spread covers everything from the nature of the situation to the querent’s personality traits and influences. Explore the likely outcomes of different courses of action and gain a deeper understanding of the psychological basis of your situation. Plus, discover the forces in your life that are beyond your control and learn how to adapt to them. Whether you’re facing a major decision or seeking clarity on your life’s path, the Golden Dawn Tarot Spread is here to guide you. 

Golden Dawn Tarot Spread

The Golden Dawn tarot spread is a popular and powerful spread that offers a detailed and comprehensive look at the querent’s situation, personality traits, and potential outcomes. The Golden Dawn tarot spread is my favorite tarot spread. This tarot spread is a very in depth one that can bring out a lot of information.

  • The spread is divided into three sections, with the first three cards (2,1,3) representing the querent, the nature of the situation, and its influences. This provides valuable insight into the personality traits and influences that may be affecting the querent’s current situation.
  • The next two sets of numbers (4,8,12 & 5,9,14) are interpreted together to reveal how the outcome will develop. If the meanings of these cards are complimentary, they offer guidance on how the situation will develop and the likely outcome. However, if the meanings are in conflict, they suggest an alternative course of action that may lead to a different outcome. 
  • The following three cards (6,10,14) provide a psychological basis for the situation and can be used to make decisions that will help the querent overcome any issues. These cards offer valuable insights into the querent’s mindset and emotional state, helping them to better understand themselves and make informed decisions.
  • The final three cards (7,11,15) represent forces in the querent’s life that are beyond their control, such as destiny or karma. The querent must adapt to these forces and find ways to work with them to achieve their goals.

If Complimentary:

  • 4,8,12 – How the outcome will develop. 
  • 5,9,13 – The situation and its likely outcome.

If in Conflict:

  •  4,8,12 – How things will develop if the querent stays with their current course of action.
  • 5,9,13 – Outcome of an alternative course of action.
  •  6,10,14 – Psychological basis of situation. Used to help make decisions to overcome the issue.
  • 7,11,15 – Forces in the querent’s life that are beyond their control. Destiny or karma. Querent must adapt to this.

Overall, the Golden Dawn tarot spread is a powerful tool for gaining insight into one’s situation and making informed decisions about the future. By using this spread, querents can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their situation, and the potential outcomes, empowering them to take control of their lives and achieve their goals.

Try it out today and unlock the secrets of your destiny.

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  1. I feel: mirror image compliments each other. Moving one way or the other will give a different outcome but all in all it’s for the good. Life is opposing only if you resist.
    I was drawn to this spread and here it is your favorite! Wow…. I must contact you for a reading but I have no questions. I trust your intuition : )

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