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Golden Dawn Tarot Spread

Golden Dawn Tarot Spread

The Golden Dawn tarot spread is my favorite tarot spread. This tarot spread is a very in depth one that can bring out a lot of information.

2,1,3 – Interpreted together – Represents the querent, the nature of the situation and it’s influences. Also covers personality traits of the querent.

Look at the two sets of numbers above (4,8,12 & 5,9,14) Are they complimentary in meaning or opposing?

If Complimentary:

4,8,12 – How the outcome will develop.

5,9,13 – The situation and it’s likely outcome.

If in Conflict:

4,8,12 – How things will develop if the querent stays with their current course of action.

5,9,13 – Outcome of an alternative course of action.

6,10,14  – Psychological basis of situation. Use to help make decisions to overcome the issue.

7,11,15 – Forces in the querent’s life that are beyond their control. Destiny or karma. Querent must adapt to this.

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