Why I Don’t Like to Predict the Future

You may think receiving a Tarot reading will give you answers about future events. I have given predictive readings before but I just find them not very useful. I believe that the future is not certain. It may be probable but it is not certain. As a matter of fact, just receiving the reading could change the very outcome it is predicting by giving the person insight into what’s to come. I always make sure to emphasize if you do not like the outcome, change it! You have the power!

What is much more valuable during a reading is to look at the now. This is the moment that will determine your future. This moment right now. Do you really want to know if this person is your Soulmate? Wouldn’t you much rather gain some insight into how you can best attract your Soulmate? When you change yourself and your beliefs you change your future so why not work on who you are now?

Recently Tarot Counselor James Wells wrote a post about why he won’t perform emergency readings and that is what got me thinking of this topic. You can read his post here.  I admire him very much for saying no in these cases. Sometimes I would like to say no to people that want to know what the future brings. I feel like I am not doing them justice by doing this. Hmmm, lots to think about. See? I’m changing!

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  1. The first two sentences of the second paragraph are potent words, Amy. If we really sit with them and truly take them into our cells, we will be changed for the better. Thank you!

  2. It’s true that power lies in the now. I do think the tarot shows what will happen BUT that path can change as you say depending on whether we change response. Just focusing on what will happen in the future gives a feeling of being a puppet on a string and takes away the querant’s power.
    Sometimes things are out of our power though – such as the decisions of other people. In those circumstances, it can be useful to be prepared for outcomes should they become set in motion.

  3. Very insightful post about an often misunderstood topic. The future seems to be all a lot of clients care about but that is because of the focus of ease and how ‘instant’ everything has become in our day to day lives. They need instant guidance, instant answers, and need the future laid out for them so they don’t have to take as much responsibility (and the reader has to in stead). A good psychic or tarot reader will always educate a client and empower them to be able to look ahead (with their help) and see how and if they’d like to change things.

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