5 Ways to Get Through Tarot Reader’s Block

Tarot reader’s block sucks. Just imagine giving a tarot reading. You are sitting at a table with your client, have set your intention set for the reading, and are calmed and grounded. You are feeling so connected! Damn this is going to be good! Shuffle those cards and concentrate on your client’s energy. Oh yes, you’re feeling this! Now it’s time to lay out the cards. One by one you lay them out. Turn over the first card. Look down and….Reader’s block!

NOTHING. Blank. Or perhaps a, “wtf does that have to do with anything?”.

Woman with a blank look.

Don’t feel bad. It’s happened to the best readers. You have a card or two (or maybe all of them 😮?!) that you are drawing blanks on. Here are some great ways to work through this when giving a reading.

  1. Just ask the client what the card makes them feel. Many readers are interactive with their clients. It doesn’t always have to be you spitting out interpretations. Just let the client tell you what grabs their attention or how does it make them feel.
  2. Describe the card. Start saying out loud what you see in the card. Often times you will just flow right into what the card is trying to say. 
  3. Forget about the meaning of the card and just ask yourself how it makes you feel. Sometimes it’s not about the standard meaning, but about what feeling in invokes in you.
  4. Pause. Just be silent for 30 seconds. Tell your client you’re making a connection and just stop thinking for 30 seconds while gazing at the card. Now if there is a character in the card imagine you are asking them the client’s question. What do they say? Trust it! If there is no character just put yourself in the card and imagine how you would feel if you were there. Now share this with the client.
  5. Finally, if you must, it’s perfectly ok to just skip the card or draw another to get clarification. Or, even to just replace it. There is nothing wrong with this.

One of these methods will surely get you out of feeling stuck. Trick is not to get stuck in your head. Just let it go. 

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