Judgement – Entering the card



This entry is dated 1/1/03 from my Tarot Journal and copied exactly as is.

Awareness. They are free. What once seemed like such a puzzle is so clear and easy to see.  They are “sunbathing in God’s love”.  Totally in touch with their inner selves.  The Angel sounded the trumpet that awakened them.

When I entered into the card I was standing on water.  I saw the Angel swoop through the cloud bursting it into 2.  It was blowing the trumpet.  There was no flag on the trumpet.  People were flinging open their caskets and standing in awe of the Angel.  The Angel continued to fly back and forth and in circles around the lake as more and more caskets would pop out of the  water and people burst out.  The woman in front of me extended her hand and I stepped in her box.  I could feel the cold darkness around my feet and calves inside the box, yet outside the box the rest of me felt warm, alive and refreshed.  It was beautiful outside.

Then I went to the child alongside me and went in his box.  Instinctively I picked him up and held him.  It was then I realized I was wearing clothes.  I felt awkward being the only one wearing clothes.  So, in my vision I made myself naked and it felt perfectly wonderful to do so.  As I held this child to my naked breast, I knew he was mine.  Love and joy overwhelmed me at being able to hold him again.  I ran my hands through his thick, gold hair.  The Angel came down t me and motioned me to come to him, but I didn’t want to leave my son.  I looked into my son’s eyes.  They were hazel.  I didn’t want to leave him. I took one last look and put him down.  I let the Angel lift me up and as we flew away, my son said he loved me and we would be together soon. He told me it is never the end.  The Angel and I soared away over land.  I saw people journeying towards the lake.  I was wearing a white gauzy dress now. I saw The Devil laughing as two people in chains fought with each other. I saw Death riding through on his hoarse.  Barrenness on one side of him, lush green and a stream on the other.  I saw the Tower crumbling as people still tried to climb up it.  Others walked away toward the lake.  We went past Strength, the lion growling as we approached.  She smiled at us as she caressed and soothed the lion.  I saw the Chariot riding away from his city.  I saw the Empress and the Angel brought us down so that we hovered right in front of her.  She gave me the most warm, loving smile I had ever seen as she rubbed her pregnant belly.  The Angel dropped me off in the Temple of the High Priestess.  There were white pillars lined up along the path to her throne where she sat ever so silent.  The Temple was all open.  No walls.  White marble floor.  In between the pillars were basins of water like in church where they put the Holy Water. As I walked toward her I stopped at each one and threw water in my face and on my head.  I was soaked. It was then I knew it was time for me to come out.


via Judgement.

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