Tending My Fire

Tending My Fire

I have been meditating on the theme for this Round Robin Blog post all day. Here is what I have in my notes:

“Beltane Round Robin them is Fire Tends to all.  The one who watches the fire for others.  Those who keep sacred space sacred.  People who focus on their work and do not look for attention nor do they deny the value of their work.”

More and more I find myself realizing how very much I admire this quality and also how I need to embody it more.  Often I work for the sake of the recognition and for monetary rewards, especially in my day job but also in my Tarot and Reiki work.  I did the following reading to help bring me back to what’s important. This is relevant for all I do. I want to be focused on what I am giving and spreading and not so much on making money or getting recognition. If what I do has helped improve someone’s life, day or even just their afternoon, then that is my fulfillment. The recognition is nice and indeed welcome and I acknowledge the payment for services is necessary, but it should not be what drives me.

Here is the spread and reading using my brand new Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s.

What is my role (Tarot)?

I pulled the Knight of Air for this question. The tireless crusader who fights for what he believes. He stands for his truth and does not get sidetracked. Stick to one thing. Don’t try to fit into any Niche where I don’t feel inspired or believe. I don’t have to know everything but what I claim to know I must know well. Remain trustworthy. My clients will look to me for my honesty and readings that have integrity and truth to them.

How can I best serve others in this role?

The Moon – This confirms what I have been drawn to lately and that is developing my psychic skills. One way I have done that is to become more active and to spend more time with nature which is depicted in this card. I can also help others by removing any fears my clients may have for Tarot and psychic readings. Be real. Be myself.

What drives me?

Six of Fire – Are the cards mocking me???? The phrase on this card reads, “Victory! Good news is on it’s way. Public recognition or awards.” Isn’t this what I am trying to get away from. Or maybe this is reinforcing what I knew the problem is? It feels good when clients gush about what a great reading I give or how great my blog posts are. Would I still ride so tall and proud if I didn’t get the praise? that is what I need to make sure I do. I am victorious with or without the recognition as long as I help others.

How do I come back to keeping the sacred space sacred?

Two of Air – This card is telling me to make my decision and act. I cannot move forward if I am always second guessing what others are looking for in me. I must forget that and be my authentic self. Let my colors show and be my own unique self. Decide which direction I want to take things and do it.

I’ll be using this new deck for a while to get a feel for it. My initial impressions are good despite the rather pretentious claims made about the deck being the only ‘trustworthy’ one out there. I am putting that aside to give an unbiased opinion on the Tarot deck itself.

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  2. Nice blog post Amy! Those cards look interesting, I’ve heard conflicting things about them. I hope they work well for you and I hope you’re successful in keeping your own sacred fire going 🙂

  3. I think I will be trying this spread out. Thanks so much for sharing it. “Often I work for the sake of the recognition and for monetary rewards…” hit home for me.

  4. I like how you had to get past “Are the cards mocking me!?” yup, we often need to do that. Great post.

  5. I like what you’ve done with this spread and that line….’are the cards mocking me?’ Love that!

    Ali x

  6. I am a Reiki Master, but do not use it. I now am learning Tarot. Your Blog hit home in a different way with me..Tending the Fire…not if you do use it. It is very scary to put your self out there to be judged, money or not. Your honesty with your self leads me to believe your clients are getting a kind and caring soul to help them find out more about them self. A special skill indeed.

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