Marching Through What Blocks Me

Reading with Tarot of Celtic Fairies by Mark McElroy

This past Friday I went to a New Moon Meditation/ceremony let by Pamela Cucinell to bring in the New Moon in Taurus.  The question posed before the guided meditation was “what do I want to create and bring into physical form?” My first thoughts were of my home and how I have been guided to “begin at the core” which I interpret as my home and refinishing the front door and working on the kitchen. To help with this process I decided to use a “new to me” deck called Tarot of Celtic Fairies by Marc McElroy. I used his Fairy Processional Spread from the book which examines your fears and concerns, hopes and dreams and how to get through the blocks.

Cards 1&2 are fears and concerns

8 of Spears – The Fairies are flying in all different directions.  So much going on and so quickly  They are bound to be in a collision! There is no order. They need to focus their energy in one direction. This reminds me on how my imagination can go off in so many directions pulling me from the goal at hand. Will I be getting in my own way?

King of Spears – An offering? Pretense vs Purpose is the key phrase.  Will I actually deliver? Am I taking on too much? Can I really afford to start the kitchen right now? Last thing I need is more debt.  What do I really want?

Cards 3&4 are hopes and dreams

2 of Spears – Coincidence that the fairy in this card is Luchtaine, a woodworker? This reflects my hope that I can hire someone to help us with some of the work. Especially the kitchen floor.  This card also means deciding what I want by choosing the materials. Time to commit.

Cards 5,6 &7 are my ideas for action

9 of Stones – Take aim and fire! Find my mark and take a shot. What am I waiting for? The keywords for this card are mastery and discipline. The snail says take your time and do it right.

6 of Swords – The image in this card depicts fairies marching along the Fairy path. Blocking this path with a building causes misfortune, however by leaving the doors open we allow the natural flow of the Fairy Path to go unimpeded.  I am reminded by this card that improvements to my home will enable a natural energy flow to occur that will allow my creativity and productivity to come more easily. This is where it all starts.

Page of Swords – Key words bravery vs stupidity. This card reminds me not to take on any tasks I don’t have the skills for or are just too big for one person.

In summary, I need to put self doubt behind me and start doing something. I know what I need to do, but just need to get there. My guides have been telling me to start at the core for months. My home is my center. I need to put it first right now and make it reflective of the healing work I want to do. I believe that in doing so my creative energy and productivity will flow more easily if I change the energy of my home by giving it some love.

The Tarot of the Celtic Fairies by Mark McElroy, artwork by Eldar Minibaev is a rich and well thought out deck that brings deep and meaningful answers in a reading. There is a very attractive and helpful book with this deck that goes into the author’s thoughts while creating this deck and the important symbols used in each card. Mark keeps the book brief yet thorough which I love. I don’t find books that go into pages of detail on each card very helpful. I prefer Marks style of getting right to the pertinent information for each card. This book is not just informative but beautifully done with colored pictures, sketches from the artist that show the process of creation and  lots of information about the fairies themselves. I did have to look up the cards to really get the full meaning of them since I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the Fairy realms. Some may not like this, but with such a well written book I did not feel uncomfortable with this. It would take me a fair amount of time to become familiar enough with this deck to use intuitively and without the book. I think I will save this for my more relaxed, personal readings where time is not an issue. I am extremely impressed by the beauty and depth of this deck. Very well done. Some of the best artwork I have seen in some time.

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