Story From a Reiki Class

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The theme of this Hop is , “Ostara: Paint a journey with new life!”.

My blog post is a story of sorts. Perhaps a testimony. What is special is that you are witness to it and are invited to partake in it as well. You see, this is the beginning of my new Journey.

The past month has been stressful for me and very sad due to the tragic death of an old boyfriend (he is mentioned in my prior post). So what should be a wonderfuly fulfilling and spiritual weekend for me, has started out unsettling and difficult. Even today as my husband and I flew to Michigan to take a Reiki course with WIlliam Rand, numerous things went wrong, testing me and my ability to be in the now and let go of negative feelings and thoughts. I was even tempted to drop out of this blog hop feeling it was just one more thing I had to get done. Twice before leaving for the airport I sat at my computer ready to send a message to the Tarot Blog group saying I could not participate, but something told me not to so I listened.

Now, after this very long and stressful day I am settled in my hotel room, my husband napping in the bed and I decide to give it a go. I open up my iPad and go to the Facebook group to review the theme again before writing my blog post. What I get is the answer to my challenges. The theme for this Tarot Blog Hop was exactly the message I needed to hear. I needed to paint my journey with new life! Starting now!! You see my friends, it doesn’t take much to get a profound message from the Tarot.

Next I pulled my deck and rather then pulling cards at random I deliberately pulled the Fool card and pondered on the image. Picturing myself as the young fearless child beginning her adventure surrounded by her loving Guides. I entered the card in my meditation asking the Guides for their message for me and pulled cards afterwards for even more depth.

So here is what I invite you to do. Please meditate on this image of The Fool card from the Full Moon Dreams Tarot by Lunea Witherspoon.


Please drink in the image. Let it fill your mind… Once the picture is full in your imagination, close your eyes and enter into the card. Ask each of the guides what message they have for you and how you can paint new life into your journey. When you are done, write it in your journal and if you like draw cards to get more from each message from your guides.

It is Friday March 16 as I type this and I have a wonderful weekend ahead of me to study with a greatly admired and respected teach and I choose for it to be joyful. I won’t be posting this until Monday with my fellow Tarot peers and I will post again on how the weekend went. Until then, Joy to you all! May each day in your life be a journey in itself!

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7 responses to “Story From a Reiki Class”

  1. So glad that you stayed in the blog hop, Amy, and shared this wonderful fool image with us.

  2. Thank you for this meaningful, thoughtful contribution to Tarot Blog Hop!

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  4. Beautiful. I will do your Foolish meditation. I am so glad you stayed with us.

  5. What an example of grace, and a reminder that we can always choose joy. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a beutiful story! It kept me reading all the way through ( I am kind of irradic mostly) this time! One more reminder for me that the message of what to next is everywhere, I just do have to learn how to look in the less usual places! Thank you once more for sharing!

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