Numbers Simplified

This is a post from October 2007.

I have really been immersing myself into learning more about the meaning of numbers lately. It was prompted by receiving a reading from Mama Juju using my very own Noblet deck. I was very impressed how she read the pips using a combination of the suits and number meanings. Last week Mama Juju and I got together and amongst other things she told me her system of using numbers for her readings.

1 – The Self. It’s all about me

2 – The Seed. A message of balance

3 – Trinity – me myself and I. Being all together present

4 – Foundation – laying a solid foundation from which everything else springs

5 – That center pole that lifts us up. Spiritual number. The comfort in knowing you are not alone.

6 – Change, like the spokes on a wheel

7 – Magical

8 – The second story. It takes everything to the next level

9 – Completion

0 – Constant, the never ending circle. All the potential that exists in the world. With zero you can take what ever you want out or put what ever you want inside that void. What goes around comes around.

10 – Regeneration – time to rest

11 – Spiritual awakening

Aside from Mama Juju’s method, I have purchased the book Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. I have also been reviewing the posts to the series on the numbers on 78 Notes To Self by Ginny Hunt. This is an excellent review of the numbers and I can listen to it in the car on my way to work!



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