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Tarot Spread for Relationships

Tarot spread for relationships.

I designed this tarot spread for relationships to see what each person is bringing into the relationship and what they can do to improve it. This can be a reading for any kind of relationship. The left side is person A and the right is person B.

1. 1&6 What they want – This position represents what each individual desires from a relationship. Keep in mind that sometimes what we want and what we need are two different things.

2. 2&7 What they need – Here is where we get down to it. This is what each person needs weather they know it or not. Take a look at this card to see what you can give this other person.

3. 3&8 What they are getting – This is where we look at what each person is getting from the relationship. Keep in mind that sometimes what we intend to give out is not what is perceived by the other person. This card shows how your actions are being interpreted by the other person.

4. 4&9 – How they are hindering the relationship – What each person bringing to the relationship that keeps it from growing. Don’t look at this position with an attitude of denial. We all have baggage, and we all carry it with us. This card can help you rid yourself of some of it.

5. 5&10 – How they can help the relationship – Here is the advise card. It is what you need to focus on to turn things in a positive direction.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tarot spread for relationships, and that it works as a great tool in improving your relationships!

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