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Discovering Life Purpose with Tarot: A Journey, Not a Destination

There are all kinds of tarot readers out there and many of them specialize in certain kinds of reading. Personally, I take great joy in conducting readings that assist people in discovering life purpose and staying on course with it.

It’s Not a Buried Treasure

Understand that discovering life purpose doesn’t equate to unearthing a buried treasure, after which you’re set for life. Rather, your life purpose evolves constantly. Today’s purpose may transform dramatically a decade from now. Embrace curiosity and an open mind on this journey of discovering your life purpose, and always stay prepared to change course.

What is Life Purpose

You may wonder, what exactly is our life purpose? Is it a predestined role we’re born to fulfill? Not quite. Your life purpose isn’t a destination or a singular achievement. Instead, it’s woven into the fabric of your everyday life — the way you engage with the world, the love you extend, the peace you propagate, and the joy you spread. It’s about acknowledging the divinity within you and others and comprehending our interconnectedness. It’s less about what we were born to do, and more about who we were born to be.

Life Purpose Spread

When you do a tarot reading about life purpose, start simple to discover what is the next step towards living your purpose. People don’t need their entire life mapped out, despite the natural desire for it. They must cultivate trust in their inner voice, allowing their intuition to guide them. It’s about learning to follow the energy. One effective approach to identifying your life purpose involves discovering the energy or feeling of what you desire and remaining unattached to the outcome. As you continue your life journey, seek that energy or feeling to confirm what the next step should be. The key is to stay unattached to the outcome.

Begin this reading with an intention or prayer. Request that this reading serves your greatest good and the greatest good of all involved. Appeal to the Universe and your guides to assist you in remaining open to their messages.

Ask yourself these questions:

What’s the truth for me in this situation? This is the truth we often resist because it challenges our existing beliefs or makes us uncomfortable.

What do I need to understand? Are you misinterpreting certain signals? Could a seeming setback actually be a part of the plan?

What’s the best next step that’ll support my growth? Remember, this is according to the Universe, not you. So, let go of preconceived notions and remain open.

Who is inside me, wanting to come out? Which characteristics of this card should I embody now?

What message does my future self have for me right now? Picture your future self, content and successful. This is the message they want you to have.

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