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5 Reasons You Should Record Your Tarot Readings

You hear it all the time! Record your tarot readings in your journal. You may even have a special Tarot Journal just for recording your readings. It may seem like too time consuming a task, and for what? Well, let me tell you, my friend. I have been reading for myself for 20 years and I am so happy I recorded most of my tarot readings. It’s an invaluable gift to myself. You don’t have to write every reading down but absolutely record the important ones. The ones that you are doing because you need an answer or idea for something big in your life at the time. I just went through some of my old journal of readings, and it was so meaningful to read them again. So many feelings I had forgotten about come to life again.

You will pull more information intuitively if you write it out

When you speak, or think things in your mind, you don’t do it with as much detail as when you write it out. As you write out a reading more information will flow through your writing. When I’m doing email readings for clients, I notice this. I will draw the tarot cards and go through the reading process in my head. The intuitive messages will all start coming in, but don’t always all come out. When I go to write out the tarot reading, I bring in twice the detail than I did when I did the initial reading. I recommend you try it. Record yourself giving a reading and then without listening again to the recording write out the reading. Finally compare the 2. Tell me in the comments what your results were!

Notice patterns in the cards

When you read for yourself frequently you may notice a pattern showing up in the cards that can help you. In her book, Tarot For Yourself, Mary Greer promotes using a daily reading chart with a short reading on the cards. Then at the end of the month look for cards or suits that appear frequently or don’t appear at all. Both can add clues to your experiences for the week or month that you are looking back on. 

A reference for the future

There is nothing more satisfying that going through old tarot journals and going over the readings I did for myself. I did not read daily but usually just for specific issues or circumstances in my life. Most of the readings I did for myself I still remember the exact circumstances of the reading. Reviewing them reminds me of how I got through difficult times. It brings out more confidence when I realize what I have overcome or worked through in the past. I can’t tell you how rewarding this can be.

Enrich your personal meanings of the cards

Seeing your different interpretations of the cards over time is a game changer when it comes to advancing yourself as a tarot reader. You are seeing the cards in a context that you can relate to! This enriches the meanings you can draw from when reading for others.

Using what you know now, reinterpret the cards

What do I mean? Often when we read for ourselves or even someone we are close to, readings can be jaded. We will often see what we want to see when we read the cards. Going back to a situation you remember doing the reading for, interpret the cards objectively now. This is the past and you no longer have the emotions 

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