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Synchronicity and Tarot

What is Synchronicity

Synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung and is used by many tarot readers to explain how the perfect cards for that person are pulled for a reading. Synchronicity is defined as when two unrelated yet meaningfully connected events happen that are normally unrelated.

Today I experienced synchronicity when going through some of the old files on my computer. I came across an audio file from 2011 titled “Death Card Meditation”. It’s about a meditation journey into the, you guessed it, Death card. The journey was all about Transformation and how facing our fears is the only way to move forward in our life. This is how you use tarot for spiritual growth.

Well it turns out I am experiencing a scary transformation in my life right now and finding this audio file and listening to it brought tears to my eyes. It was exactly what I needed to hear to find the courage necessary to face my fears and insecurities, give them a nod, and continue forward.

Was it synchronicity when I found that old audio file in a folder entitled, Tarot Course Materials? I think it was. It was exactly what I needed to forge ahead with my new life. It didn’t belong in that folder but there it was. I believe it was magic guided by the Universe.

Death Card Meditation

I’m plopping the audio file here. Please keep in mind it’s a personal memo to myself and wasn’t meant to be shared. Have a listen if you like. It is rather personal but I think it speaks very strongly about how affective tarot is for personal transformation. It’s also a post on this blog. You can find it here. Here is a link to the audio file Death Card Meditation

Share Your Thoughts

Are you going through an uncomfortable transformation? Do you use the tarot as a tool for spiritual growth? Please let me know in the comments what you think. I love hearing other peoples thoughts and insights. They always bring an interesting dialog.

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