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The Purpose of a Love Tarot Reading

A spread of Tarot cards with the hands of the person reading them placing them on a rock.

The Burning Need to Know

It was a very cold winter night and there was a heavy snow in NY where we all were at my Mom’s house waiting for Aunt Nancy to arrive safely there from her home in New Hampshire. It was the year 2000 and I was especially excited to see Aunt Nancy because I had to know if Ray had any feelings for me. I was sure that I was in love with him but needed to know if he felt the same. Aunt Nancy was the card reader in the family but unfortunately lived too far away to constantly accommodate my insatiable need to know what was going to happen next in my life or how other people felt about me. Tarot readings made me feel less helpless and vulnerable during a very volatile and unpredictable time in my life. I did get my love tarot reading even though Aunt Nancy was exhausted from driving through a blizzard. Ray was too immature for me it turns out. Not what I wanted to hear so I tried re-phrasing my question to get the answer I wanted. That is when Aunt Nancy looked at me and said, “read your own damn cards”.

Make a Wish

The Realization

I’m not trying to make anyone that asks for a love tarot reading feel ridiculous. Quite the contrary. I feel you. I was there feeling all those things and I can say that it was painful. Wondering would I ever have that special someone in my life. Am I one of those readers that scoffs at love readings and writes them off as fanciful? Not at all. Love and relationships are the most important things going on in our lives. Really we learn so much from our relationships and they deserve reverence. I do have to say that I can now totally relate to my Aunt’s frustration with me that night. 

The Answer

When I perform a love tarot reading I’m not there to make up a story you want to hear. I’m giving you the message I’m receiving through the cards. Like it or leave it, you get what they say. This is why I don’t do Love readings. Because most of the people asking for them want to find someone to fill that void that should be filled with self love and not interested in a strong healthy relationship. 

You Are Magic

I went years without a boyfriend and it forced me to be my own company. Forced me to discover who I was and most importantly, taught me to value myself.

When I deliver a love tarot reading I’m not looking to see if someone is your soul mate, I’m looking at you and what you are attracting into your life right now. How can you get to that sweet spot where you draw the right partner to you for this time in your life. It’s all about you the client and what you can do and not at all about how the other person. 

Try My Spread!

If you are interested in love themed tarot readings check out the Relationship Spread I designed here on my site! It looks for a healthy balance

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