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Free Reading Giveaway using Tarot of Sweet Twilight by Cristina Benintende

Free Reading Giveaway using Tarot of Sweet Twilight by Cristina Benintende.

You – Who you are right now and where you are in your life – Temperance – I see you here standing alone in the middle of this barren desert, yet still believing in hopes and dreams.  You believe in happiness. You believe in your Soul Mate. You are like a beacon that will ultimately attract good things to you because you have the right attitude.  For this alone I say you are full of good luck.  You exude hope and that is what will bring your turest desires to you. I do see also that the desert you are standing in is barren and empty.  You’re standing high on a rock, going no where and showing all your beautiful colors and no one is there to see them.  If you want to find your soulmate, you have to put yourself out there where he can see you.  You are waisting your time where you


Your dreams – Who you would like to become or where you would like to go – 3 of Swords

No one dreams of heartache.  No one wishes for it, but many of us tend to expect it based on our past experiences.  This card shows a woman stabbing herself in the heart and drawing blood as she points to the past.  Sometimes past disappointments condition us to expect the worse and often we end up destroying our dreams ourselves as a way of protecting our hearts.  Kind of like, “I’ll end this before they do so I won’t get hurt”. This position states where you would like to go. You want to go back to the way things were before your heart was broken, yet at the same time you don’t want to repeat the events that brought you to a broken heart.  The best of both worlds is to capture the happy feelings of the past without repeating the events that led down the path of heartache. This card shows that the pain is still very acute. Don’t make hasty decisions just to ease the pain. As we will get to in the other cards, this is a time of reassessment for you. To take objective stock of what you want and need and not what puts a bandaid on the pain.

What you believe – 3 of Pentacles

 – When I first looked at this card I thought the woman was looking in a mirror and seeing a totally different image from her true self. I felt that what you believe to be true may be different. Looking at the card closer, I see that it is not a mirror but 2 different people, but I feel the above is worth mentioning. Threes are about being open to new things. They are about urges and experiences that give us the motivation to move forward. In this case it is your strong belief that the 2 of you are very well suited for each other and can do wonderful things together. It is your belief that you both are indeed Soul Mates. There is a pentacle hanging above both their heads  and another in front of one of their hearts. This shows you believe that the 2 of you are of like minds. You both think alike. There is also an attraction of opposites here. We have night and day.  One woman has the moon in her hair as a sign on night and the other’s hair is on fire and weightless. Opposites coming together. I also see the pentacle over the heart as one giving more of themselves then the other. Perhaps you felt that you gave all that you could and this is not noticed by the other person.  You gave so much and invested so much time and energy because you believed in the 2 of you. Pentacles are the world of material things. So I am thinking you took a lot of time and effort to make his world as comfortable and pleasant as you could and can not understand why he would leave that environment that you worked so hard to create for him.

What you know – 7 of Chalices

– You feel lost without him and perhaps you have been left in a difficult position as well.  The woman in the card is in the middle of a thick jungle.  As she stares into the ripples of the water, she sees nothing but her bare bones. As if her feelings have stripped her bare. Sevens are a time of temptations and distractions that test us to see if we are truly dedicated to our task. You know the temptation is there to look at things with a distorted view due to your deep feelings for this person. You also know that you can not let your feelings for this person define who you are. It is so easy right now to get totally absorbed in them, but you have a lot of work ahead of you to find your way out of this and that won’t happen if you don’t stop seeing yourself as incomplete without him. You also know that when we look at our situations with an emotional heart it is easy to see what we want instead of what is really there.  Perhaps it is time to re-examine your feelings more objectively and ask yourself who you really are and what it is you want in a relationship. Ask yourself if it is possible with this person or if it is time to let go and give your heart elsewhere. Don’t let your feelings cloud your judgement.

What you feel – 7 of Pentacles

 – I immediately get the impression you are feeling overwhelmed and confused with the different views you are getting from others on this situation. Remember, the sevens are about distractions and temptations. This can be very confusing with all that is going on around you. I see you in the far off distance with the largest pentacle. You know you have the answer. What is it? You own the answer. You mentioned that there are some saying he is your Soul Mate, and some that say he isn’t.  You must look to your own feelings. Ignore what is going on around you and decide for your self. This needs to be a practical decision. You may be feeling like you can’t live without him now, but that is the illusion of the sevens talking. You may feel small and left out and even an overwhelming financial burden now that he is gone, but you can get through this even if it means changing the plans that you had for your future.   

What do you think – 2 of Cup

– Well, I will say right up front that you will indeed come to your Soul Mate and honestly right now, I don’t think it is this man. I will also mention that I believe that a Soul Mate is not strictly the perfect person to share your life with. A Soul Mate can also be someone that affects our lives deeply. The man you are in love with now has left a big footprint on your life and affected who you are in a big way. I believe that this does make him a Soul Mate, but I also know that you are looking for the man that will complete you and be by your side forever. He is out there. You think you know what you want now, but the sevens in this reading are saying that you may not be seeing things objectively. What this card tells me is that you need to think about what you want and need from your partner. Someone that will see your inner beauty, that will love to do the same things as you. Someone who hangs on your every word and adores you. One that can give you a wonderful sense of peace and fulfillment. Most important one that will stay by your side all the way. The caduceus, a sign of healing and the union of opposites floats above his hand along with a red rose indicating his passion for you. His delight is in watching the beautiful bouquets that come from you. It is everything you could want. I think that you will be truly awakened when this perfect partner comes into your life. You will then be able to look back and see this time and this relationship as it really is.

To sum it up, there are two 7’s in this reading which indicate that things may not be what they seem and it is a time to test if you are indeed meant to be with this person.  Adjustments may very well be necessary. To answer your questions directly I do not feel this man will be back as indicated in the Temperance card by the barren desert. Any attempts or efforts by you to woo him back will go unnoticed. Your energies need to be focused on getting yourself out of this emotional jungle (7 of cups) and feelings of being alone and overwhelmed (7 of Pents) and spent on imagining the most perfect relationship and what you really want and deserve.  Fact is you can’t love someone who is not there, but if you show your true colors and be your true self to the right audience, you will draw the right person to you in no time. You are a magnet for this! You are just waisting it on the wrong audience!

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This reading is amazing!! I was as though you were reading personally for me, it discribes my present situation perfectly, it is about me and how im feeling, and i have taken great comfort from it, i love your style of reading and how you interpret each card and how they all come together and make perfect sense to me!
Thankyou for your wonderful and accurate insights in this eye opening spread
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