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Justice – Entering the card

Key Words: Balance, justice, objective, unbiased.

My journal entry for Justice started with a meditation into the card done on 8/11/02. At the time I was single and looking for a partner to share my life with.I told her I was there to find out what she could teach me. She asked me if I was ready and I said yes.

She said she would show me what the true desires of my heart are. She will slice through the veil that covers my eyes and get to the heart of the matter. She turned and sliced through the red veil behind her. I knew by looking that I was hoping for a man to take care of me and make me feel secure. Yet the truth is I will never find him if that is what I am looking for. I need to learn that I can find happiness in myself and that I can tek care of myself and be secure in myself with out a man. When I find that in me, I will be able to find the kind of love that will complement me and I can grow with. Justice gave me her scale and told me that whenever it comes time for me to make a decision I must weigh the outcomes to discover what is truly important to me.

In a reading – She will reveal to truth and show you what is really important. May mean a legal matter is coming up. Indicates you must weigh many factors . Take guidance from your inner self. Think before taking action. Be prudent.

Mental – Clear, unbiased thinking. UnemotionalSpirit – A sense of righteousness.

Emotionally – Being unemotional. Not letting how you feel cloud your thinking. Physical – Your hard work will pay off. You will see the results of your efforts. A fair and just outcome.

Soulful – Karma.Business – Legal field. Fair workplace. Good management skills.

Relationship – Could mean divorce. The point in the relationship where your head comes out of the clouds and you see the other for what they really are.

Problematic – Being sued or taken to court.

Beneficial – Getting fair treatment.

via Justice.

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