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Tarot Round Robin – How Can I Be A Better Candle?

Hi and welcome! I am very excited to be a part of this Tarot Round Robin!

If you haven’t already, please make sure to check Tarot Witchery for their post on How to be a better candle.

What is a Tarot Round Robin? It is a group of Tarot Bloggers all posting simultaneously on the same question. The only rule is it be somehow related to Tarot. It should be fascinating to find out the creative ways others have chose to answer the question, “How can I be a better candle?”

I had plenty of time to ponder this and it led me to ask myself what is it symbolically that the candle does? Most obviously it sheds light on things but really when we ponder more on the question it becomes more obvious how important a candle is. How we rely on it to find our way.

As a Tarot reader it is my desire to shed light on other people lives and specific issues so that my client can understand and find direction in their lives and areas where they need more clarity.

So, to be a better candle is to shine bright and where it does the most good. It means being strong enough not to be snuffed out by the winds of doubt.  Doubts are the enemy to my skills as a reader and would cause my flame to flutter out.  There is more to being a good reader than just knowing the cards and practicing using them. I also work hard to keep my confidence up. There are many practices that are important as a reader that help to keep us in touch with our inner voice. Here are some I recommend

Before any event where I will be doing readings I make sure I have time to quiet my mind and do a Chakra alignment and clearing. This keeps my third eye open and clear and keeps me in touch with Spirit.

Fresh air and walks in nature do much to dispel doubts and keep us healthy and our minds clear.

I do Reiki on myself as often as possible to keep my energy flowing and my Spirit in a calm place.

Also very important is daily meditation.

Before each reading I say a prayer that my reading will be for the person’s highest good and that I hear their message very clear. Also before each reading and after Water is very important.

When it is time to read the cards, I don’t think about it, I feel it. I speak what I feel and don’t allow my brain to over think things. If doubts or fears creep in during a reading I send them to the light. Good bye!

To see what I could do right now to be a better candle I laid the following spread using The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland

1. What can I practice to remove doubt from my heart? I drew the Emperor

The Emperor brings order to chaos.  He is surrounded by creatures we would normally fear, yet they rest at his feet.   The card speaks 2 things to me.  Instead of conquering fear I must forgive it. It is a normal feeling and if I forgive and let it go it is no longer a threat just as the Dragon and Lion are no longer a threat.  A more practical message for me is to be better prepared in all things.  I need to have a plan and a schedule. I will start blocking out time to make sure I remained focused on whatever the task is that needs to be done. It could be blogging, marketing, or the exercises I mention above, but whatever it is will be better time spent if I stick to a plan.  Being prepared means less worry and less worry means less doubts!

2. How can I be a better Candle? I drew the Fool

Again the strong message I get is to not be afraid.  The light in his chest tells me this is where my light and my communication needs to come from.  This is where I “feel” my messages when giving a reading.  The Fool is innocent and pure and has not yet been corrupted by life. Likewise, I must not let the “mind” interfere. The “mind” has no place in a reading.  I must move ahead without a though of being wrong.  There is no wrong, just following my heart.  The Fool does not care what other’s think.

3. How do I spread my light further? I drew The Moon

It is hard to see the light of a candle in full daylight, but one candle in the darkness of night will shine very brightly and show people The Moon tells me that my light will shine further when I use it to help those that are lost.  It is easy and comfortable to share and serve amongst those of the same mind and beliefs, but to step out to where you are not understood and shine is where I can do the most good.

Thanks for being a part of this Tarot Round Robin! Please see how others are answering this question by visiting Andrew at The Hermit’s Lamp

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