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This is Why I Read For Myself

So, I’m checking things out on FB and I come across a link to some Youtube videos with the creators of the Wildwood Tarot. I love the artist of this deck and the theme so I checked it out.  What followed were amazing syncronicities and clear messages!  I’ll try to keep it short but a little background is necessary.  

I watched the 3 parts and in the second part Mark Ryan talks about the Suit of Bows and the Bow spread that makes so much sense to me. To paraphrase it, Mark describes the bow as representing  you and all you can achieve in your life. When you put an arrow in it you pull back you are harnessing this energy. The arrow is your intent, your dream, your idea.  Please go check out the videos and try this deck. I have a new appreciation for it now. 


I also have been working with material by Sonia Choquette called The Answer is Simple which talks about the very simple process of connecting with Spirt. Sonia talks about how we are spiritual beings and like a light and life just spins around us but can never touch us. This relates to card 2.

So here is the reading slightly summarized because it is long:


I focused my question on what to do next with my career. I have a great job now and work with great people, but am ready for a change.  I wondered should I get my resume out there and see what happens. I also had this fleeting thought about wouldn’t it be cool if I could make a living doing the 3 things I love which are Tarot, Reiki and  designing knitting patterns. I quickly dismissed this as unpractical and thought maybe when I retire I will have more time for that sort of thing.


I laid out the cards face down even though I don’t normally. I am also unfamiliar with the deck. Never really looked at it before now.

Holy $hit!!!

I flip over the first card and it is the 7 of Arrows. The position is the person asking the question and the issue itself. This is me with all my thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals killing me. I am being choked by prickly vines and the roots behind me tell me that I have lost my hold. I have toppled over. The Green Woman is clearly suffering. My thoughts like above about my dreams not being practical are killing me! I am no longer able to grow.

The card in position 2 was a mind blower. While I was shuffling I also asked for a clear message from my Higher self. This is that message.   The position is “What is the focus of my issue? The point at which my skills can be FOCUSED to CONNECT with the heart of the situation”

This is where 17 The Pole Star fell. My Pole Star is my Spirit and that is what will guide me on my path! This is what Sonia teaches. To do the things we love as food for our Spirit.  The forest is thick and dark, and full of unknowns but the light illuminates me and lets me see where my next step will be.  The message here is simple. Don’t worry about what is afraid, but follow where Spirit leads you. My Spirit will illuminate my steps along the way. My focus then is clearly not to worry about where I’ll end up but just on one step at a time.

Position 3 is the conscious limb – My analytical process at work – I drew 3 of Arrows. Again, my arrows are piercing me! This is where I recall that when I was shuffling I shunned the idea of making a living doing what I love. I figured it to be unpractical. I am DESTROYING my hearts desire! Holy $hit! I need to make more time for the things I love. Stop listening to my conscious mind and listen to my heart. 

4 The Spiritual Limb – Emotional and Spiritual Elements present in the reading. I drew the Wanderer



DO I take that next step? Do I trust where my Spirit leads me? Will the path be there under the clouds when I do take that step?  The Fool is fearless. You can not fear what you do knot yet know. The rainbow is my sign of hope. I have nothing but my self to take with me.


5. Momentum of the situation – the string – I drew the Queen of vessels – Salmon – There is no turning back for me. I left the pool of saftey. Death is eh inevidable end, but I must go there! Nothing will stop me. I am driven.

6. The point of balance – enabling my energy – what guides my situation – 4 of Stones – Protection.  In working with Sonia’s course she asks us to consider what kind of spirit we have. What do we love. What are we like. This card represents the type of spirit I have. The first thing that came to me was that I like to feel safe and surrounded. I like to be home, a bit of a Hermit. I knit and love for my home to be welcoming and comfortable.  Even when on wonderful vacations a part of me misses home. I am also a person that likes to be alone in the woods. I remembered as a child how I would walk to the river and sit there for hours letting the sound of the water comfort me. I am an Earthy spirit and this is why I would want a career that allows me to work from home or be closer to home. I want to give others comfort through my Tarot, Reiki and knitting.

7 Arrowhead – My Personal intents aimed at the problem. The means with which I can come to terms with the question.  I drew the Shaman.. again,  a very personal message. Years ago I took a  Shamanistic journey in to a tarot card. The pack was provided by the Shaman and it was the Greenwood Tarot.  I know what I need to do. I need to enter into the card because this Shaman has a message for me. On that note…..I will light the candle and start meditating on him!


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