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In One’s Element Reading with Maat Tarot

Here is a reading also from 2007 using the Maat Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts. Hope you enjoy!

This is a wonderful spread I found on Roswila’s blog. You can see the details of this spread in my spread section here. This is a general reading and it incorporates the elements of the card and how it reacts to the element of the spread position when interpreting the spread. I felt inclined to use Julia Cuccia-Watts deck the Maat Tarot for this reading. It is my first reading with this deck.


Card 1/AIR(Will; what one is thinking or planning; ego consciousness) – I drew the Ace of Swords, Fire in Air – Supportive.

In this deck Swords represent fire. I know what I want in my life right now. I am confident and determined to get it. I am ready to change directions and purge myself of all of the thoughts that may hold me back. Speaking positive affirmations like the Reiki Principles each day in order to start myself off on the right way of thinking. Maintaining that mind frame throughout the day. I see a purging of old thoughts that are holding me back from attaining my goals. They have not worked for me in the past. I know how powerful my thoughts are in determining my future so I give them the attention and focus they deserve. Positive thinking = positive outcome. Willful thinking. I am driven.


Card 2/FIRE(The part of the life-plan coming in now; inspiration; urge; High Self; instruction; collective consciousness) – I drew the 7 of Cups, water in fire- painful or intense.


Staying focused and on track is hard for me because I am a dreamer. I tend to invert and self reflect. A good example is how I can just sit here in front of my computer, playing with my Tarot cards all day. My need to go within holds me back from accomplishing my goals. My home is my sanctuary and my tendency to become self absorbed with spiritual reflection makes it extremely hard for me to act on my plans. As I spend time working toward a goal a part of my soul is aching to dream and visualize. Visualization without action produces nothing. I must find the balance between visualization and action. Both are important.


Card 3/WATER (Emotion; intuition; this life’s past; past lives; collective unconsciousness) I drew the Queen of Cups. Water in Water.


I am so in tune with my Higher self. I go deep to my gut for answer because that is how my Higher self speaks to me. I am confident in my path. I know that by following this inner voice is why my life is on track now and why my future is bright. This card reminds me of myself when I was oh so young and naive and  pregnant with Joe. That strong love I felt for him and the undeniable knowing that he was meant to be in this world.  I listened to that voice and despite my young age had my child. This is all about that quiet and confident knowing that all is in good hands and we are not alone in this world. Everything is happening for a reason and by listening we get to where we need to go. Life is perfect just as it is now. Remember to listen. Just know.


Card 4/EARTH (What is materializing; body; health; resources; unconscious/subconscious on a personal level) I drew the 6 of Cups. Water in Earth – Supportive.

Kind of cool that this card came into the reading because I think it ties to card 2 and me being a daydreamer. As a child I was such a daydreamer in school and this really hindered. I do believe that here we see the positive side of it. Because of my ‘free’ imagination, I am unattached to a set way of thinking that may limit my aspirations. I read what is written about this card in Julie’s website, which you can read here . This card can mean nostalgia. I often think back to my childhood and the security I felt then. I also think to my dreams of what I wanted my home life to be like. I never let go of that dream and it is why I never caved in to life’s hardships. I believed that life is good. I am secure.


Card 5/SPIRIT (Probable outcome; may be connected to Card 2; what may be coming in) I drew the 9 of Coins.

Could I be more secure? This is exactly how I have always envisioned myself. In my beautiful garden. Privately enjoying my sacred space. Evolving into the amazing woman I was meant to be. When I was 19 and pregnant with my first child, I had no idea how it would work out, I just knew it would. I knew I would not go down. The unborn child growing in stages on this woman’s gown shows her evolution into a strong, independent, successful woman. She stares at the falcon on her arm as if it is her fears that she has tamed. Like the claws of this bird, fear can be fierce and do damage. She is protected from this and has full control. She looks life in the face and uses her fear to keep her moving forward. For some fear can hold us back. For others, like me and this woman, it motivates us to change our lives.

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