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Brain Fried Fey

I decided to post something on a lighter note today. Since I am transferring all my blog entries from my iWeb software many of the posts you will see are quite old. The following is a reading I did back in Jan of 2007 using one of my favorite decks the Fey Tarot. Enjoy!

This reading is part of an exercise I am doing on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum in the Fey Study forum. We will be doing 3 card readings every week and discussing them afterwards. So, without further ado, here is my past, present, future spread for the up coming week.

Well, first I must note that the 3 of pentacles fell out of the deck and slid across the floor while I was shuffling. This talks about my job. I see a Fey completely absorbed in his craft. This fey is painstakingly tending to the details of his work. He looks at it with a scrutinizing eye. The fey is dressed in pink and green both colors of the heart. His work is his passion and he puts his heart into it. The lizard on his shoulder represents his heart and passion leading him along. It too observes the work that has been done. He has all the tools he needs. This along with his passion and drive will lead him to complete his task with the utmost quality.

In the background stands a hooded fey who partially hides their face. It stands with it’s arms crossed as if it is impatiently waiting for the other fey to finish something. This fey holds a key around it’s waist which indicates it may have the answers the other fey needs or perhaps holds the key to the other fey’s future growth.

This card that fell out pretty much describes my work situation right now. I love the work I am doing and have been putting everything into this very important project I am working on. There is tons of work to do and really no time to worry about the details. There is also a hard deadline which is represented by the impatient looking fey in the back.

I have to begin by saying that I drew 3 swords.  This is a sure indication that the week ahead is going to really fry my brain. It will be a big challenge because there is so much to do and so little time. On top of this, I have a new person to train.

The Past – 2 of Swords – this card shows a fey with a look and stance as if it is charging at something. As it charges forward, the fey holds a dagger in front of it’s eyes blocking it’s site. It does not even see where it is going because it is so hell bent on getting there!  The moon in the background indicates a rather hazy and unclear view of the situation at best. The past has been all go, go, go with no time to think things through or asses the situation. The very accurately describes my situation at work. I am all geared up and my intentions were honorable, but perhaps I was not getting the best picture of the situation.

The Present – 9 of Swords – This defeated looking fey is on her knees, hugging herself. It looks like she is waiting for the sword to come down and take her life. The fey is shades of red and orange, both colors representing action and passion. It is interesting that the knife is tied to a rope and is not touching her. Does she realize that she is not in immediate danger? there is a star of hope in the sky outside her doorway if she would only look up and see it. The stairs going up are the only way out of her predicament emphasizing that the only way to go is up. I hope this is wrong, I really do. I have this feeling that I am going to go to work tomorrow and find my manager ready to pile on the work since the person replacing me has started today. I am quite sure that I am going to be feeling quite overwhelmed until this person is adequately trained. Perhaps I might feel that because I am behind, I am failing. I most look forward, not wallow in self torment.

The Future – 5 of Swords – A larger than life dagger is wedged into the desert sands. There is no life visible from where this sits. On the handle of the dagger sits a fey of orange color wearing a flowing orange wrap. From the palm of her hand she blows away star dust. above her head her spirit essence flows towards the sky.  I know exactly what this card means. It means I take my laptop and my piles of work and I find an empty office or meeting room and hide from everyone that interrupts me or needs my time. Sometimes this is the only way to get it done. The dagger is larger than life now, but rather than let it overcome her like it almost did in the 9 of Swords, she has now gotten a ‘handle’ on it. It is still huge, but she is on top of it. She blows her stardust because she can not help anyone else with anything other than that knowledge she has left them with in the past. I keep my Reiki Principles on the wall by my desk reading them when things are crazy keeps me in touch with the Divine and helps keep things in perspective. a lot like what is represented by the connection between the fey’s head and the universe.

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